Painting the Corners Episode Fourteen-Mickey Mantle Calling Pitches from Centerfield, PEDs and the Hall of Fame, Donald Trump’s Known Unknowns, and How This Ends for Donald Trump and America

Guests Craig Charney and Jon Pessah join host Lincoln Mitchell for a discussion of how this could end for Donald Trump, the Hall of Fame and suspected PED use, and what international crises may confront President Trump. Jon tells many stories about Yogi Berra both and and off the field, while Craig explains that demagogues fall, but not quickly and urges push back against democratic rollback in the US.

Painting the Corners Episode Thirteen-Book Reports on Sandy Koufax, the Moscow Subway and MLB’s Obsession with Trying to Make Ballgames Take Less Time

Jay Goldberg of Bergino Baseball Clubhouse and Tim Frye of Columbia University join host Lincoln Mitchell for a discussion of the nature of being a baseball fan, the importance of understanding the domestic politics and economics of Russia and American perceptions of Russia. Jay also talks about his encounter with the father of a future big leaguer and Tim recounts his experiences chatting with Soviet citizens about the USA in the late 1980s.

Painting the Corners Episode Twelve-Peace Corps Volunteer Umps, Christmas Carols in February and What Ukraine and the US Now Share

Basil Tarasko and Andrij Dobriansky join host Lincoln Mitchell for a discussion of the building Little League Baseball and a post-Soviet State in Ukraine as well as the additional problems cause by the Russian incursion into Ukraine. We also discuss how Ukrainian Americans are reacting to a new US administration that is not not committed to supporting ideas of Ukrainian sovereignty and independence and the diversity of opinion and experience amongst Ukrainian Americans.

Painting the Corners Episode Eleven-Joe Maddon and Terry Francona in the World Series, Georgia's Future with Trump's America and the 26th Man

Former Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania discuses how he sees the Georgia-US relationship evolving during a Trump administration. Joe Sheehan discusses the economic impetus behind expanding big league rosters to 26 players. Lincoln and Joe explore the differences between process and outcomes in managerial decisions and Irakli invites Joe to Georgia.

Painting the Corners Episode Ten-Sugarmill Leagues, Turning Texas Magenta and Aroldis Chapman's Fastball

Professor Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria and Professor Carlos Vargas Ramos join host Lincoln Mitchell for a  discussion of 150 years of Cuban baseball from the Sugarmill Leagues to Aroldis Chapman and Yoenis Cespedes with some additional focus on Cuban literature, history and Cuba-US relations. We also analyze the voting behavior of Latino voters in the recent presidential election.

Painting the Corners Episode Nine-Combating Terror, Pitching for Army and Passive Aggressive Use of Bruce Springsteen Tunes

Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Price and Daniel Gibbons, a left handed pitcher and cadet at West Point, discuss playing baseball for Army, strategies for fighting terrorism, major national security questions facing the US and the use of baseball in public diplomacy with host Lincoln Mitchell. We also indulge in some Houston Astros talk and ask the question of whether or not playing Glory Days before a high school baseball game is passive aggressive.

Painting the Corners Episode Eight-Donald Trump In the Context of Global Authoritarianism and John D'Acquisto's Journey Through 1970s Baseball

Manu Bhagavan explains why Donald Trump is part of a disturbing global trend. David Jordan discusses the career and journey of John D'Acquisto. Manu and Dave, along with host Lincoln Mitchell, discuss the role of nostalgia in politics and baseball and ask whether, even if Hillary Clinton wins, the authoritarianism of the Donald Trump movement is here to stay.

Painting the Corners Episode Seven-Don Baylor's MVP Award, Russia's Ongoing Incursion into Ukraine and Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco

Jeremy Lehrman and host Lincoln Mitchell discuss long ago MVP votes as Jeremy explains the history and background of the award. Katya Soldak weighs in with her views on the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Soldak and Lehman discuss the politics of MVP award and how the next American President should work with Ukraine after the election.

Painting the Corners Episode Five-Saving the Elephants, Ballplayers on Twitter and Where to Eat in the Bronx

Lincoln Mitchell chats with Marty Appel about the new young Yankees, media strategies for ballplayers in the digital age and how fans follow baseball differently today. John Calvelli weighs in on how we can save the elephants and combat the illegal ivory trade. John and Marty swap stories about the Bronx and some of its most famous institutions.

Painting the Corners Episode Three-The Georgian Elections, the Giants' Collapse, Dreaming of Bill Russell on the Streets of Tbilisi, and Baseball in Svaneti

Veteran Georgian diplomat Tedo Japaridze can explain the Russia-Georgia conflict and the Georgian election, but remains puzzled by baseball. San Francisco baseball lifer Frank Cassinelli can tell stories about baseball in San Francisco since the Seals, but remains puzzled by the Giants' second half collapse.