Lincoln Mitchell

Political Development, Strategic Communication and Research

Lincoln Mitchell is a political development and strategic communications consultant as well as an accomplished scholar and writer. Mitchell has worked on political development in dozens of countries as well as on numerous domestic political campaigns. He has also published books, articles, opinion pieces and blogs on international relations, the former Soviet Union, democracy, US politics and baseball. 

Painting the Corners Episode Twelve-Peace Corps Volunteer Umps, Christmas Carols in February and What Ukraine and the US Now Share

Basil Tarasko and Andrij Dobriansky join host Lincoln Mitchell for a discussion of the building Little League Baseball and a post-Soviet State in Ukraine as well as the additional problems cause by the Russian incursion into Ukraine. We also discuss how Ukrainian Americans are reacting to a new US administration that is not not committed to supporting ideas of Ukrainian sovereignty and independence and the diversity of opinion and experience amongst Ukrainian Americans.